The Flash Didn’t Suck This Week


As most of you have noticed, I’m not a big fan of this season of The Flash. I didn’t like Season 1 all that much, and then I liked Season 2, but this Season has just been very ‘bleh’ for the most part. There have been a few episodes here and there that really kicked it up into ‘oh hey cool’ territory before now, and tonight’s episode joins them.

Since I’ve got a lot of things to do tonight, we’ll do this list style!


  • I actually enjoyed HR tonight. I usually hate HR, but he was fun tonight!
  • Cisco got to be a fun badass, which is always a good thing.
  • Julian and Caitlyn kinda has me going ‘eehhh’ but I liked Julian’s dynamic with the team tonight. It was more human than he usually is.
  • For once I wasn’t entirely grossed out by Barry and Iris and the whole ‘kissing your sister’ thing. It’s still there, but it was less abrasive for some reason tonight.
  • I actually enjoyed Wally learning from Barry this episode. It was interesting to see Barry trying to be a good teacher.


  • The bad guy was so weak this time. WHY was he there from Flashpoint? Did I miss something or is that just a ‘fuck it, let’s go with this!’ type of thing?
  • I’m getting tired of the repeated, “I’m not gonna die” “I’m gonna save you from dying” thing with Iris. We get it! She’s gonna die but you’re gonna try and stop it from happening! It just feels like a solid 10 minutes every week is devoted to the same conversation over and over.
  • I don’t understand the motivation to tell Joe Iris is gonna die. I get why he was angry and why he wanted to know, but why does she WANT to tell her dad something that will make him absolutely lose it for the next few months solid? Because that’s what he’s going to do now. If there’s no way to stop it, he’s going to have the last few months of his daughters life freaking out over what’s to come. And even if she can be saved, his life is basically RUINED for the next few months. I would NEVER want to put my dad in that situation. No way in hell.

So yeah, as you can see, a lot more pros than cons! I really liked tonight’s episode, and I hope you guys did, too!

The Flash Returns With A Lackluster Start To The New Year


After the mid-season finale in which Barry saw Savatar kill Iris in the future and they moved in together, tonight’s episode involves a thief, Kid Flash, and HR opening the museum!

I’m gonna do a bullet-point review tonight because A) I’m short on time, and B) I really just didn’t like this episode.

I liked a few things:

  • I love the way the team is handling Caitlyn and her fear of herself. It’s so warm and friendly.
  • I didn’t hate HR as much as usual.
  • Julian is actually not bad now that they all like him. He’s an angsty breath of fresh air to the group.
  • Cisco as adorable as always, which is always a plus!

Otherwise, honestly I’m just not that into this show anymore. All season it’s been going downhill and I hoped a fresh start after winter gap would make it more enjoyable, but it just hasn’t worked. Maybe next week’s encounter with the dimension traveler will change things up some?

The Flash: Will Barry Screw Things Up Even More?

I think it’s worth confessing that so far this season, none of the Berlanti-verse shows are really blowing my mind. You saw my displeasure with Legends of Tomorrow until it finally had a few episodes be alright, but honestly, other than the fun aliens, that whole crossover thing just cemented that all three of the shows I watch have lacked this year. Arrow is still my favorite show of the three, but even it is just so dull and repetitive this year so far.

And so, I didn’t have high hopes going into tonight’s episode of The Flash because last week with the whole “oooh, ahh, I’m so shocked that Julian is Alchemy” non-reveal was dull and expected and Barry quitting his job was just not a good writing choice, in my opinion. This whole season has just been repetitive, just like Arrow. At this point, at least Legends of Tomorrow isn’t repetitive, it’s just dully written this season.

HOWEVER, shockingly, I really liked tonight’s episode of The Flash. Good job at proving me wrong just when it’s needed most!

It’s crazy late so I’m not going as in depth as I did for my Agents of SHIELD recap earlier, but I’ll hit some highlights!

So tonight we learn more about Julian’s backstory while being super festive! I really thought he was going to end up being evil-evil, not manipulated without his knowledge, so that actually did end up being a surprise and I really liked it. Also, you have to admit, Tom Felton was really good in this episode. His acting was pretty great.

I’m glad they went this direction with Julian and I liked that he joined them all for Christmas at the West house. I like that Barry got his job back, too. Them being friends is so much better than them being enemies. I’m very into this change of pace with Julian.

I also liked Jay in this episode! I like Jay better than his dad, to be honest. I feel like he’s a great mentor for Barry, and I like when he’s there to talk some sense into him. Barry is dumb and dramatic very often and Jay’s a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to sanity and maturity.

HA! Draco Malfoy said “the philosopher’s stone”

I still hate that Dante had to die. Like, what the hell? That was such unnecessary drama. That said, it’s pretty emotional to see Cisco being manipulated the same way Julian was. Poor ol’ Cisco. He just wants his big brother back. So sad.

A few more things:

  • Sabitar is a dope ass bad guy name at least.
  • lol “Jumanji”
  • Oh great, did Barry time travel again? DAMMIT, BARRY!
  • Drunk HR is the best already, but Drunk HR going “POLICE!” when Julian knocked was amazing.
  • “Caroling in the rain, that sucks!” hahaha I really love drunk HR.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall- Or On Tonight’s Episode of The Flash


I’m sure tonight’s episode had a lot of stuff I missed, but I kept getting drawn into twitter conversations where people tried to convince me Barry making out with his sister ISN’T super gross and cringe-worthy. So sorry!

So we’ll do this the easy way!

What I Liked:

  • A few precious moments of Leonard Snart at the beginning! I miss Wentworth Miller bring that very complex and wonderful character to life, so even a few minutes of flashback-Snart was better than his current dead-ness
  • Jealous Harry! I love it! I really love Earth-2 Harrison Wells because he’s so fun, and it’s always amazing to see Tom Cavenaugh’s talents at making this guy 100% different from the first one. Very talented.
  • We finally got to see Caitlin use her powers! Killer Frost lives!!!
  • Jessie Quick training is pretty cool. She’s a fun one, that’s for sure.
  • Wally and Jessie being adorable little guys. So cute together!
  • “This is Cisco Ramon, he can do anything.” and “There’s only one Harry.” I just love Cisco and Harry’s friendship. It’s so cute.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Top is pretty boring. Her powers are just dull. Nothing wrong with her other than that, though.
  • Mirror Master should’ve been a bigger bad than he is. His ability is SO INTENSELY COOL and it was just over with far too quickly for my tastes.
  • Harrison Wells 3.0 is creepy, but I think that’s probably on purpose, so we’ll wait and see on that one.
  • The big one, Barry and Iris. It’s just gross. I’m sorry, it was always a little skeevy to me, but now it’s ACTUALLY A THING so it’s reaaaallyyyy creepy. Like, they’ve always clearly had this in mind, it’s always been set up as Barry and Iris being end-game, but GOD it’s just so gross and incesty. Barry and Iris grew up sharing a parent. Barry has constantly called Joe his ‘Dad’ over and over. They have the same dad. It doesn’t matter if they’re not related by blood, it’s Barry kissing his sister. It’s gross. It just is.

Also, I really hate how people on twitter jumped down my throat when I said something about how skeevy it is. Someone actually said “They’re FOSTER siblings” as if THAT actually somehow makes it better. The idea that foster/adoptive siblings aren’t as much siblings as blood siblings is one of my least favorite things about human beings. I just REALLY wish they hadn’t set Barry’s eventual love interest up as his foster sister. They had no reason to do that.

My mom has always said, “I like The Flash except for Barry being in love with his sister” so I can only imagine what my mom thinks NOW.

In the words of my dear friend who HAS an adopted sibling and knows quite personally WHY this is so gross to me:

What did you guys think? Did I miss anything important while I was fielding angry tweets for calling foster-sibling-incest gross? Tell me what you guys look forward to next week!

I Watched The Flash Again

I’m gonna do this like the last one, because it’s 3am and I don’t REALLY care about The Flash as much as I do the other shows I spent my time on tonight. Sorry if you’re a massive fan and this is a disappointment. Maybe next week I’ll have time to try harder since I’ll only have one show other than this to do Tuesday night.

  • Wooo! Barry effed up.
  • Felicity on The Flash! YAY!
  • oh no, cisco is a sad guy??? I don’t like it!
  • “I hate it when that happens” lmao!
  • Oh look! Draco Malfoy!
  • “You’re like pudding, everybody likes pudding”
  • Oh no, he erased Baby Sara??? Does that mean that now on Arrow Dig has to have a son since it’s all in the same universe? Laaame.
  • Wow, Barry REALLY messed up, huh?
  • I don’t like this version of Cisco. FIX IT! CISCO IS A WITTLE BABY SUNSHINE PLEASE FIX HIM!
  • I love how Barry is like “Uh… wtf is this dude?”
  • Ooooohhh Cisco has Quake-Gauntlets, but the DC version. I like it.
  • Dramatically appropriately placed streetlight right where their lips meet. Totally not cliche. At all.
  • Does nobody else find WestAllen sorta creepy? That’s your dad’s daughter, you should be like brother and sister, ya nasty shits.

Tune in next week for… hopefully not another bullet list. Sorry?


So hey, I also watch The Flash

I will be the first to admit, I’m not a big fan of The Flash. It is my least favorite (apart from Supergirl, which I haven’t watched) of the Berlanti-Verse. However, I do watch it so that I can keep up with the canon in the ‘verse, since I love Arrow and actually enjoy Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans of the show will remember how in last season’s finale, Barry’s father was killed and it pushed him over the edge to actually going back and stopping his mom’s murder this time, and in doing so, obviously, unraveling basically the past 15 years in Central City and re-writing them. Tonight, he is living his life as it would’ve been without his mother’s murder.

Right off the bat, it’s clear what all is different. We’ve got Joe the alcoholic, Barry lives with his parents, the Reverse-Flash is locked up in a warehouse, and Barry’s been stalking Iris to finally try and ask her out since they didn’t grow up together and aren’t best friends in this world. Oh, and – spoiler alert – Wally is the Flash. (Side note, I love the nod there to the original.) Barry gets warned that when he forgets his old life, things will go to shit.

“Your speed- the more you use it, the faster you lose your memories.”

He calls it “Flashpoint” and Barry’s going through it, that’s for sure.

First off, Barry’s terrible in this reality. It becomes super obvious to everyone very soon that Barry knows stuff he shouldn’t know. How obvious can you get, Barry? Come on.

Second though, this episode was hilarious! One of my favorite things is Cisco the Billionaire. To be fair, though, Cisco is the one thing about this show I always loved. There was a lot of funny and a LOT of it was Cisco.

Highlights include:

  • his trophy girlfriend is a foot taller than him
  • “My money needs me.”
  • “Uh uh, I don’t know you, String-bean”
  • “You just kidnapped this woman” “I- I didn’t… okay yeah, but we need her!” as well as the following, “Excuse me… have I been kidnapped?” ‘Unclear?”
  • And Barry’s “I can tell from the ‘i don’t believe you’ looks that you don’t believe me”
  • “Oh my God, it’s like Twister in there- the movie, not the game”

But really, how corny was, “You really are the fastest man alive” ??? Sooooo corny.

All in all, this was a really overly simple, ‘what’s the most predictable way we can fix this?’ episode. That said, it’s still very emotional because Barry is such an emotional guy and it IS such a horrible situation that he’s found himself in. It’s terrible and painful and just entirely horrible.

I just feel like Barry rolled over far too easily. “Oh no, Wally got hurt, I have to let him re-murder my mom.” I expected it to be a lot more difficult than it was to get Barry to agree to changing things.

BUT! We do have a warning that something is different and DUN DUN DUN! We’ll find out next time what’s up with Iris, I guess!

(Honestly, though, Barry, you’ve GOT to stop time-traveling. Come on!)