Supernatural Delivers Another Great Episode


Tonight’s episode is probably one that I don’t actually appreciate as much as it deserves, because I’m told the styling of the episode was Tarantino, but as someone who doesn’t really like Tarantino (I know, I know, how dare I? I just don’t!) I guess the Tarantino film this one was styled after wasn’t one I have seen. Either way, I really did like the episode so we’ll just start with admitting I, like Cas, don’t understand that reference.

In tonight’s episode, we had a twisty turny mad dash to an incredible end that involved demons, a Prince of Hell, Crowley, and a big ol’ spear of Michael. To say that this was a fun mix up to the usual format would be putting it simply. I enjoyed the wild, crazy, two steps forward, one step back format of a night in the life of the Winchesters.

The story as we originally are given it: a hunter needs help with a demon and Mary and her boys are there to help. By the end of the episode, we learn the REAL story is that Mary was sent by the British Men of Letters to steal something from a Prince of Hell who didn’t take kindly to being pestered by hunters because he had made a deal with Crowley long ago that nobody would bother him as long as he let Crowley take his place as the King of Hell.

This episode had a ton of throwbacks to old episodes and story lines, and I loved that. I love how this season is giving us a ‘back to their roots’ type of season, and by bringing us back to the Yellow Eyed Demon (then Azazel, now revealed to be the eye color of Princes of Hell). I loved the way that Sam and Mary both reacted to this fact, and it gave us a reminder of where everything started for them: Mary being killed by Azazel.

I really love this aspect of family that they are really hammering home this season being played to the next extent. Tonight, with Castiel dying, we had more of his, “You’re my family, all of you” proclamations, and I particularly had my little heart break when he said, “I love all of you.” It was only reinforced by Mary saying, “I almost lost one of my boys” and meaning Cas! Oh, I nearly died! The fact that Cas is officially one of Mary’s ‘boys’ in her mind just makes me so much more attached to this Winchester family.

But the end just keeps on going back to the past with one of the most surprising reveals: the item Mary stole was the good ol’ Colt 45 that is a throwback to…. a very long time ago. I actually don’t even remember what happened to that gun. It’s been so many seasons ago that I don’t entirely recollect all the details, so after I post this review, I’m going to wikipedia to take a look!

And then, the biggest plot twist, the one that so many of us have wanted but didn’t think was coming: Lucifer is back, and not some shitty knock-off vessel: Mark Pellegrino Lucifer is BACK!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so excited to see where they go from here. Unlike many who have criticized this show for beating a dead horse, I’m still invested. I’m still totally into it. After the end of last season when Mary came back, I was like, “Alright, strap me back in, I’m ready to ride again!” and I’m still enjoying this ride.

What did you guys think? Let me know either here or on twitter!




I Watched Supernatural While Tipsy


This is HIGHLY unprofessional, but last night I watched Supernatural while tipsy, because I’d drunk a bottle of Sake and decided to watch Supernatural, and I wrote down my ‘viewing notes’ and decided to wait and write the actual review today. HOWEVER, I actually think my notes are so funny that it would be better, for you, the reader, to just read my viewing notes than for me to write an actual review.

So here they are, (Tipsy) Chelsea Loves TV:

  • How do angels always have blades up their sleeve in SPN?
  • Balthazar mention. Awww.
  • Why do I recognize the eye patch lady?
  • Oh she’s the girl from Urban Legend!
  • “An angel’s angel” loool
  • Awwww the Winchesters standing up for Cas. So sweet.
  • Well that was a little gay
  • Who tf is this lady?
  • Whoa castiel the nephilim killer.
  • Whoa her kid wasn’t a nephilim? Balls.
  • Oh heck
  • Awwww Caaaaas

So What did YOU think about the episode? What did you think about (Tipsy) Chelsea Love TV? Let me know here, or you can always find me on Twitter!

Supernatural Somehow Manages To Keep Things Fresh And Interesting!


Supernatural has been around longer than the channel it runs on. I don’t even know what season we’re on now, that’s how long it’s been around.

And yet, apart from a two year slump during seasons 6 and 7, this show has never really stopped being utterly entertaining. This season has been a real winner because Supernatural sort of got into this rhythm of “every year there’s a bigger bad to fight” until they got to the biggest possible bad, no, not the Devil, he was the big bad YEARS ago, but God himself and God’s apocalypse-summoning sister, and then this season, it’s back to a much smaller ‘big picture’. This season it’s back to its roots with the ‘family of hunters hunting things’. The ‘big bad’ this season is a human factor and even they are this mysterious ‘not-quite-sure-they’re-bad’ big bad.

At the mid-season break, Sam and Dean had been black-bagged because Lucifer possessed the President of the United States and they were caught planning to assassinate the president. Obviously, they couldn’t tell people, “Hey, he was possessed by Satan” as a defense. This season starts with them in a black site, locked up in solitary for months while Mary hunts and Castiel tries to hunt but lacks the instincts to do so. In an episode framed by the Questionable British Men, as I’ll call them, telling the story of this rescue attempt, it’s up to Mary and Castiel to try and go on without Sam and Dean, all the while Sam and Dean plan their escape from the black site.

The reason this episode has stuck with this season’s theme of ‘change it up’ is that it felt like an episode of Prison Break or some other ‘running from the law’ type show instead of just another Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean are fugitives running from the soldiers with dogs, Castiel is all alone and listless worrying about them, and Mary is off on her own hunting to ignore the hole her missing children have left in her. On top of Sam and Dean playing US Marshall in the woods, we have this really great theme of The Winchester Family all throughout the episode that is really human and personal.

I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the theme of family is really hit home by Castiel’s actions and the monologue that follows at the end in which he basically tells them, “Stop sacrificing yourselves, Stupids, because you Winchesters are my family, too, and I’m sick of losing you over and over again.” It really wraps up the fact that even though Mary and her boys have a strange relationship now that their mom is back and only about ten years older than them, and even though Castiel isn’t even human, the four of them are The Winchesters together, as one unit, one family. It seems like the theme for the rest of the season will be Winchester Family, and I’m totally okay with that!

What did you guys think? Are you in the ‘beating a dead horse’ category, or are you like me and still find the show to be entertaining and worth watching? Let me know in the comments!

Supernatural: For Once The RockStar Is Satanic!


In tonight’s Supernatural, we get back to Lucifer and the main story plot and, what do you know? More Vince Vicente!

To start with, I’ve gotta say, I’m really surprised the satanist teenagers found an actual satanic relic. Looks like it didn’t end well for them, but either way, how amusing is that?

I am really tired tonight (I was sick all day and I still feel pretty terrible) and because of that, I’m gonna go to the old standard lazy review of ‘let’s do bullet points’. Tonight’s things that stand out are:

  • Mary and Dean playing Words With Friends was adorable. Also, I miss Words With Friends. I KILLED at Words With Friends.
  • I love how done with Crowley Castiel is. It’s amusing how much they hate each other even though they work so well together.
  • All the trashing of the West Coast was funny, and I loved it.
  • Sam trying to convince Dean he’s listening to a historical podcast was great. So funny. Such a bad liar.
  • “He’s literally the devil” “My job is turning devils into saints” “No really, Lady, SATAN!” this whole exchange was hilarious.
  • Lucifer’s weird thing about wanting blood was weird. I still don’t really understand what he was going for.
  • At least they saved the people? I dunno, this whole episode was very weird. Still not sure what the point was.

Well that was a fun night!

Next week, we’re back to Lucifer, and he’s going after priests and nuns, apparently. I am intrigued! Who else is excited for next week’s mid-season finale? I am!

Supernatural: Let’s Kill Hitler


I was so hoping to see Aaron tonight and FOR A TINY MOMENT WE SAW HIM! I loved Aaron, I just wish he was there more!

Anyways, tonight’s episode was about Nazis! A Nazi pocket watch set some people on fire, and what do you know, it’s the Thule! (I think that’s how it’s spelled anyways) Ah, our old Nazi friends. How sucktacular. Although, it was pretty cathartic given the events of this week to have Sam and Dean fighting Nazis trying to reincarnate Hitler.

I had so much fun watching Dean breaking things at the antique store. That was hilarious. He kept trying to fix it and it only got worse.

Dean breaking shit is the best. He tried to fix it and it only got worse.

Dean had some fun moments:

  • “We’ve gotta follow that car! oh I’ve always wanted to say that!”
  • “Heil this”
  • “Dude…. you killed Hitler.” “Yeah… AWESOME!”
  • “I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie.”

Also, crazy Hitler was funny but a little over the top, but whatever. I loved it.

I would do a more detailed write-up of this episode, but honestly, this is it. Hitler, Nazis, a girl being kidnapped because she’s Hitler’s great great grand-niece, and then Dean killing Hitler. That’s it. And it was awesome!




Supernatural: You Know It’s About To Get Good When The “Then” Is From Ten Years Ago!


I have to say, I did not expect the opening scene of Supernatural to involve stigmata. Oohhhh Stigmata. That’s different.

I really liked tonight’s episode! I didn’t really expect the way things went because I have no idea what to expect. How do you explain Stigmata??? So the episode this week started with a lady walking into her church with Stigmata and speaking in tongues before dying at the alter. In come Sam and Dean and immediately the suspect is, of course, the wiccan. Obviously, I never expected it to be her, but there was nothing else I could think of that it could be. When a grocery delivery boy drops dead, it becomes obvious that the only connection the two have is a creepy religious family back in the woods.

I must say, I found myself quite intrigued at that point.

This episode was a good episode with a case that has nothing to do with any big bad. It was just a case about a girl with strange powers and a pair of psychotic parents. I felt really bad for her brother, not just because his mom shanked him after murdering their dad and trying to make him commit suicide, but because he really was the only one that seemed to actually care about his poor sister. And I was glad that there was that allusion all the way back to when Sam was psychic waaaaay back when. How cool was that? I bet a lot of us have nearly forgotten about that. I know I certainly had.

There were a few really funny and odd things throughout the episode that I noticed:

  • Dean asking whether it’s okay to call Mom MOM was funny, but it was sorta weird when he said “I’m a 13 year old girl” because he’s hung up on waiting for a text… from his mother…. Alright there, Oedipus.
  • I loved Sam defending Vince the Rock God, haha. Don’t worry, we already knew you were a big fan of Satan, Sam.
  • I love that they need a ‘no food or drink’ sign outside a morgue.
  • I laughed at Sam walking around the thing after Dean climbed over it.
  • “Do you know God, gentlemen?” Oh do they ever!

I’ve got to say, I had forgotten about the motorcycle person along the way, and when he reappeared I went “Oh yeah, who is he?” thinking he would be some new, interesting character.

Sadly, it was just another Dick of Letters.

All I can really add is that I’m pretty sure Chuck would have QUITE A BIT to say to those religious wackadoos, and Mary’s text to Dean was very cute and heartwarming. “I’ll always be Mom.” So nice.

So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? What the heck is next week’s episode about? Any ideas?



Supernatural: Save Sam!

After a week of no reviews, you guys get one, at least!


Tonight’s episode was really about moving onto the next issue, but it didn’t miss out on a lot of really good character moments between Mary and her boys. Mary is so like Dean, and Dean is a stuck trying to work out how the hell to act around his mother. I loved his little conversation with Cas about it, because honestly, what does Castiel, Angel of the Lord, know about ‘how do I deal with my mom suddenly being alive’? Angels don’t have mothers, friend. It was just really cute how awkward Dean feels.

There’s so much that happened in little bits and pieces, though. I really enjoyed Dean’s face when Mary mentioned that John Winchester was such a good father. I have a feeling after she reads John’s journal that Sam gave to her, she won’t feel that way so much anymore. I mean, let’s be honest, John was a terribly neglectful parent, and she was the one who swore she’d never raise her kids in the hunting life, so even if he hadn’t been neglectful, reading about him dragging little kids into hunts will piss her off a lot. She blames herself for Yellow Eyes doing what he did anyways, so she’s definitely going to have some serious emotions about the whoel situation.

Also, we have Crowley and Rowena once again! They’re always fun. Their snark is the best. Nothing quite like their insults and their one-liners back and forth. I particularly enjoyed, “He’s the only Satan in the phonebook!” I also find it absolutely hilarious that Satan’s vessel this time is an aging rock star. How fitting, huh?

Mary is such a badass in that fight scene, and I love it. I love that they’re reminding us that she was a badass hunter long before Sam or Dean were born. It’s important, I think that they don’t downplay how this woman was a hunter from a family of hunters and her kids were raised by a man who taught himself, more or less, to become a hunter. She’s just as badass as they are, if not more so, and I absolutely want to keep seeing this.

The way they handle Sam is so good this episode. His dazed and nervous look that never leaves Mary whenever she’s around, it’s so perfect. He’s never met her. Not really. Not the her that was really his mother. Dean remembers his mother, but Sam was a baby. Sam has only ever dreamed of his mom being his mom and now she’s back. It’s wonderful to see how she looks at him and how he looks at her. It’s just so beautifully done. The part where Sam actually called her ‘Mom’ and they had that emotional little moment, I really did tear up just a teeny bit. His face when she hugged him was so moving. Oh my heart.

BUT WAIT! *record scratch* WHAT DID THAT BITCH MEAN WHEN SHE BROUGHT UP BENNY??? You can’t tease us with a mention of Benny and not carry through, man! BENNY!

Supernatural Season… I Don’t Even Know Anymore, But I’m Excited Anyways!


At the end of last season, God and his sister had it out and then made up and, in exchange, they gave Dean his mom back and, you guys have no idea how excited I’ve been since the last season finale. And now IT IS HERE!

Oh Dean. After 33 years he has his mom back and it gives me so many emotions. When she first woke up and didn’t realize she had died, it was like ‘oh God’ because she jumped him and said, “My Dean is 4 years old,” and you’re reminded that this man was four when his mother died. She has been dead for over thirty years, and even after she remembers dying, it doesn’t change that she has no idea what her children’s lives have been like. And with Sam missing, she still doesn’t know anything about the child she last saw as a six month old baby.

And Cas! I forgot that last season finale he had been zapped away from the bunker. My brain naturally supplied a, “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven, Cas?” at that one.

(I think the answer is, yes)

I loved so much about this episode, most of all that Mary is clearly the parent that Dean took after. Look at her. She’s just like Dean. She dresses like Dean, she talks like Dean, she even gets emotional over Baby (though she calls her ‘Sweetheart’). I also love the little ‘ha, Dean was probably conceived in that backseat’ moment, because it’s even more of a ‘Dean’ like trait to cement that this is definitely his mother.

I love how Cas saw Dean and was like “OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” I had forgotten that everyone else thinks Dean died, so I wasn’t expecting it. Poor Cas. He thought his friend was dead and his other friend was missing.

I keep saying ‘I love’ about everything, but it’s just true that I love how confused and out of touch Mary is. It’s only natural, because she died 33 years ago, but there’s always the chance with a person who knew about the supernatural might just roll with it rather than react naturally. It also gives Cas something to sympathize with her about so that they were able to have that initial, “I know what you’re dealing with” moment. I always had this thought that Mary Winchester and Castiel would totally get along, and we got to see that this episode a little bit. It was funny how Cas went after that guy and Dean was like “Calm down, man” and she’s just like “Hurt him” and was totally on Cas’s page there.

It’s also a good reminder that she was a hunter, not John, and she left hunting to save her supernatural-season-12kids from that life. Fans have always theorized that Mary Winchester would be pissed off that John still dragged her children into the one thing she wanted to save them from, so I was really happy we got to see that addressed at least in a small way when she brought up that she never wanted this for Dean.

The British Men of Letters chicks are really creepy and I’m really interested to see what happens with them and with Sam being rescued, but this episode mostly spoke to me through Mary being back and how Dean interacts with his mother, so we’ll wait and address Sam and the Men of Letters ladies next time, when it really gets important.

Totally excited for more, how about you guys???