Legends of Tomorrow Takes Us To The Roaring Twenties!

So I’ve got to be honest, as down as I’ve been on this show most of the season, tonight we had another episode that I really did enjoy! I don’t even know what made it actually hold my interest when it wasn’t that special of an episode, but I had a great time watching this one!

Tonight, the team goes back to Chicago in the 20s at the height of prohibition and the height of Al Capone’s reign, and boy is that a fun one. I found myself really sad that Snart is dead, because man he’d look sexy as hell in the 20s. (I have a thing for Wentworth Miller, sue me!) The team has to fix the time aberration in which, for some reason, Al Capone didn’t get busted for tax evasion. Along they way, they run into Damien Darhk and Speedster Whose Name I Always Forget. I’m just gonna call him Elon Musk, because it’s something weird like that, and he sorta looks like Elon Musk anyways. So yeah, Damien Dark and Elon Musk are in the 1920s, but SURPRISE, SURPRISE, they’ve got a friend: Malcolm Merlyn! I have so many questions about how Malcolm Merlyn came into this, but we’ll ignore that for now.

(Side note, what is it with comic book based characters and alliteration?)

There really wasn’t a lot of story built here and there wasn’t a ton of great character moments, so I’m going to condense most of the recap here:

  • Sara. Lol. “Alright, Mom.”
  • Chelsea club? A whole club for me? lol
  • Oh look! Snart! He’s dead, still, but awwwwww. My heart.
  • Bonnie and Clyde. I love it!
  • I love Ray and Nate’s bro-ness
  • Awwww Mick and Amaya is so cute.
  • …. What? Rip is a director directing a film about his life? So very confused.

So yeah, I’m left with a lot of questions, such as why, again, is Merlyn with Darhk in the past now? How did he get involved? Did I miss something? And why is Mick hallucinating Snart? Is he going insane? Does he have a brain tumor? Is he smoking the wacky tobacky? Did I say that last part just as an excuse to say wacky tobacky? (Yes, the answer is yes)

Also, once again, WHY IS RIP HUNTER IN THE 1960s DIRECTING A FILM ABOUT HIMSELF? What is this madness? I’m so confused!

However, this episode was just fun. I had fun watching all the fights between mobsters and the team, I had fun watching Nate and Ray be like ten year old siblings, I had fun watching Mick take them all to criminal school, I had fun seeing Sara in that sweet ass flapper dress, and I had fun with the whole idea that Al Capone’s arrest was helped along by time traveling heroes. How awesome is that?!

It wasn’t as moving and emotionally evocative as I want this show to be, but unlike the other episodes that just fell flat, this one at least was fun while it lacked the emotion I wanted. I’m excited to see where the show goes from here, though, because I have faith this show CAN and WILL continue getting better!

What did you guys think? Do you think I’m being harsh? Did you enjoy it this week? Are you excited for more as well? Did you even read this far in the blog post? AM I TALKING TO MYSELF?! (The fact I don’t get likes or comments anymore suggests that yes, I am!) Let me know in the comments!


Legends of Tomorrow Goes Retro

legends-season-2-order-pic1Ah the 80s! A time of big hair, big shoulders, and big threat of impending nuclear doom!

On this week’s episode, they followed Damien Darhk to a place where history had gone all wibbly wobbly and they needed to see what had gone wrong, and discovered he was *gasp* working with the KGB! Shocker.

I’m gonna keep this recap short, because I’m really cold and want to put my hands back under the blankets, but I will say I did enjoy this episode. It seem’s last week’s ‘finally got some traction’ wasn’t a fluke! Again, I care about the characters again. There’s something more than just a surface episode here. There’s emotional depth with several characters.

Sara’s strength to hold back is astounding and I really admire how they’re writing her. This man killed her sister and she’s being able to put the fabric of time ahead of her sister. I am a sister, so I’m not sure I could help myself when faced with someone who had killed my sister. I’m pretty ‘killing is not the answer’ but in her shoes… I’m not sure. And she’s being strong and handling it. I really, really like Sara’s strength being highlighted.

And man, this episode made me have REAL feelings for Amaya finally. Last episode I cared a little, but this week, we see more of who she is. Even before the reveal that she and Rex were in love and were going to go be together after the war, we saw personality from her. I really loved her “Surely men and women are equal by this time period” moment, because oh. You poor thing. 1987 was thirty years ago and men an women still aren’t equal. Poor Amaya missed the way the 50s and 60s set women back from the 40s. (The history of feminism is bleak when you look at all the progress from the 40s and the the fact that women didn’t make it BACK to 1940s level of equality and progress until the late 70s, and Amaya missed all of that.)

I still don’t care that much about Nate, but he’s at least showing some personality now. I really appreciated his “Can I hug you, do we hug?” thing. He was so cute there. Very excitable and adorable. I also loved him fearful that he’d killed the old JSA guy.

Speaking of old JSA guy, I totally figured when he said they didn’t let him go that he was probably gay. Fun fact, before homosexuality was considered a mental illness in the 50s, more people were willing to just pretend it wasn’t a thing, after that they treated it like insanity. No wonder he was considered a ‘liability’ to the team. But! It’s okay! Sweet old dude has another sweet old dude to go home to. I’m glad he didn’t die.

I like Ray’s weird existential crisis he has going on. Him trying to be like Cold was a little funny, but much like Mick, it made me have feelings. Poor Mick. Being reminded of his dead friend. So sad. I did love the “You killed my beers” thing, as well as the “10 seconds to live…. well there are worse ways to die *eats chocolate cake*” Mick FINALLY is showing some personality again. I really like Mick Rory so I didn’t like him being reduced to grunting one-word sentences like he was the first few episodes of this season.

And I always love when Stein goes off the rails regarding his wife. Nothing is sweeter than seeing a person who is so in love and Martin Stein has always given us a lot to work with there. Even on The Flash, everything he did went back to his wife. Him freaking out in season 1 because they ruined his life by stopping his younger self from meeting Clarissa was so sweet, and this episode going all “STOP BEING SO SELFISH!!!” every time his slightly-less-younger self was ignoring Clarissa was amazing. I’ve always loved Stein, and this episode was no exception.

The story for this episode was pretty ‘whatever’, but there was a lot of good character moments that I appreciated, and next week looks pretty great! I loved the old west, and Jonah Hex was one of my favorite one-episode-wonders, so to see him again will be excellent!

What did you guys think? Did you like this episode? Did anybody else get Sweet Dreams stuck in their head? Let me know how you liked it in the comments!



Legends of Tomorrow Finally Finds Depth for the First Time All Season


If you’ve been following this blog, you will have seen that I haven’t had many kind words for this season of Legends of Tomorrow so far. I haven’t really bought into the story or characters at all so far this season, and the entire thing has been missing something that I think is probably depth in both characters and plot.

Tonight, I could’ve almost bought this as something from season 1 rather than the lackluster ‘blah’-fest that has so far been season 2. So hey, all hope is not lost!

This episode of Legends of Tomorrow seemed pretty ‘oh come on’ in the trailer because it’s about Confederate zombies… yes, I said Confederate zombies. But, alas, I was pleasantly surprised when the zombie Confederate soldiers was honestly just a backdrop for team-building and character development, and there were still some very serious topics that were handled very well. And, in the spirit of Legends, there was still room for a little comedy while dealing with such a dark topic as the Civil War in the form of Mick being turned into a zombie.

I am like Professor Stein, I’m irrationally terrified of zombies. All other manner of movie monsters I’m okay with, but I think it’s the helplessness and hopelessness of a zombie apocalypse that freaks me out the most. I’m not good with any sort of dystopia/global disaster thing because of the hopelessness. It freaks me the hell out, man! So having Mick the Zombie creeping around while Ray and Stein had to try and help him kept a lot of good humor to lighten such a heavy subject matter. I particularly enjoyed

“Oh no don’t be dead…. on the other hand, please stay dead.”


“Professor, what’s going on? Was I just trying to kiss you?”

Ha! Oh Stein and Mick are always such a good laugh. And it was very needed with the rest of the episode being about slavery and the civil war.

At first, when I saw ‘next week is Confederate zombies’ I was really worried how they would handle slavery and especially having two black team members during the time of slavery. So far this season, there hasn’t been that much realness in much of anything. Everything has seemed to be handled with levity and humor. Even Nazis were like your average, run of the mill ‘bad guy goons’ in the episode about World War 2. So naturally, I had some fears. And when it first started, Jax’s ‘ah it’ll be fine, I know how bad it sucks to be black, I’ve been black my whole life’ attitude made me worry they were actually going to just go with that. I have no idea what it’s like to be black in America but my white ass would not be all ‘ah it’ll be fine, I know how bad slavery was’ in his situation. I would be so terrified of what I might see and I would be sick to my stomach to even be faced with the idea of having to witness something so horrible as one of the darkest parts of American history. When they came across the slave girl being whipped, I also still thought they were going to stick with his, ‘I know all about slavery, I can handle it’ attitude.

I have never been more relieved than to be proven wrong, and I was so excited to finally see something handled with the weight it deserved this season. While I hate that it took something so horrible as SLAVERY to finally draw some depth out of this season, I’m glad they didn’t fall flat again. I finally felt an emotional connection with Amaya for once this episode, even though she was mostly just around to fight. I don’t know what was different, but she seemed to finally be herself. And Jax’s experience was pretty much the expected thing for the situation, but after several episodes of not feeling any of the characters, I really felt him this time. The part where he wanted to stand for a moment and watch the plantation house burn after the slave owner was eaten by zombies was a very poignant moment that actually elicited some real emotions in there.

Also, it’s worth nothing that this episode had some really good side characters. The two main slaves and General Grant all had some really important parts that gave more depth to the episode. There was a real gut-punch in, “Those are some pretty famous slave owners you’re named for Jefferson Jackson.” And I actually teared up just a little bit when the slave girl said, “They think they can break us.” When it comes to General Grant, his discussion with Sara about being a leader gave us a really good look at Sara with some depth this season. So far she’s shown some vulnerability when it came to Damien Darhk and her sister’s death, but for the most part she’s been, “Seduce the girls, kick some ass” and it’s been frustrating to me as someone who really loves the complexity of her character. General Grant telling her that he knew how she feels being a leader and having to send her men into harms way was a really good moment that added a little extra depth we needed to what we had seen all episode of Sara.

I’ve argued slightly that I felt like Mick was being sort of relegated to ‘funny but dumb’ with his simple one-liners to make us laugh and not much else so far this season, especially after the entire Cronos story line and all the intense character work we had last season, and finally we saw a tiny bit of THAT Mick Rory again. At the start, when he first said “Women” I got sort of frustrated, because Mich hasn’t really been prone to casual sexism in the past that I’m aware of, but I let it go because as soon as he got bitten, he started to actually come alive again… pardon the pun. He called Ray by his name instead of “Haircut” for once, showing his serious side again. I really expected them to make him laugh off being bitten, but he didn’t, he showed actual fear at becoming a zombie and asked for Ray to save him. Even that tiny bit showed a much more human side to him that we know exists.

And then that part at the end just killed me. Ray coming to Mick to ask about how he was doing only in reality he wanted to talk about his own fears, it showed even more team development than Sara and Nate working together so well did. Ray reaching out to Mick was so good to see, and then when Mick took it seriously I was very happy that the episode was going to end on a good note Their conversation about being outsiders was moving and showed growth and development between both characters. However, the show turned around and broke me! I knew when Mick opened the chest and pulled out the cold gun exactly what he was about to do, and when he said, “The belonged to the greatest outsider I knew” and then asked him to be his new partner, I actually cried a little teeny bit because last seasons, one of my favorite things was Mick’s relationship with Snart and how it grew and developed and showed depth, so to have that brought back to mind was heartbreaking.

I’m absolutely sure Captain Cold would approve of Ray getting his cold gun and being Mick’s new partner.

So yeah, guys, after the last few weeks panning this show and how much weaker season 2 has been, I finally think this episode was good enough that I feel confidence in the future of this show. This episode showed promise for the first time this season, and I’m really looking forward to whether or not they continue to develop the show in a way that makes us feel that it isn’t a two-dimensional ‘let’s go on an adventure today’ type of show, but rather one with depth and consequence and an actual narrative arc.

Speaking of which, who else is super curious about the message from Future Barry??? I know I am!

So what did you guys think? Did you lie this episode? Have you liked it all along and thought I was being unfair? Did you hate this episode because you preferred the other (weaker) version we’ve had so far this season? Tell me in the comments!



Legends of Tomorrow Continues Its Downward Spiral


I loved the first season of this show, okay? I really did. I’m trying my hardest to love this season the same, but it just is not happening. It’s entertaining but it’s like an entirely different TV show. I need to work on lowering my standards, because we’re not going to get character development and deep moments between characters or anything serious and of any sort of quality, I’ve realized.

So, putting aside how this is like a quirky, over the top comedy whereas season 1 had a real plot and some serious issues to deal with, I do really find it entertaining. It is a fun, light show this season with little in the realm of a serious plot. First episode attempted something like it with the whole Sara going after Darhk thing, but it failed. Otherwise, the show is pretty over the top and I can learn to enjoy that, I guess. The quality is just SO diminished. Did they change show runners maybe?

Whatever, it may not be as good of a show, but it’s funny as crap, though.

I enjoy the way historian dude interacts with the others. He’s such an excitable guy. For ONCE there’s a realistic “AHHH I HAVE SUPER POWERS! COOOOL!” reaction like most of us would have. I really like him and how he drags the others into the same playfulness. He’s a cool dude. I just don’t know his name.

I like the beginning of this episode and the time this episode is set in. I’ve always enjoyed the history of Japan, so this was a really fun one. Also, who doesn’t love a good Samurai? I like Masako. She’s not in the way and she’s got a really pretty name. I feel like she’s just as involved as we need her to be and not too much of a dramatic device.

Wow the historian is bad as NOT making it obvious he’s from the future. He’s so bad at giving monologues about future historians and shit in front of the locals. I feel like it’s really poor of a choice to have him do that all the time and not have people go “BURN THE WITCH!” like would be accurate, but no, we’ve already established the show isn’t that good anymore, I’m just focusing on enjoyable now. Calm down, Chelsea. Just enjoy it.

Mick and Mean Lady Whose Name I Don’t Remember should be a thing. I like how they snark back and forth. Mick is one of my favorite characters now, and she’s basically the female him anyways. (I really should remember their names, but I’m really bad at names. Just ask my classmates. I don’t know any of their names.)

This exchange was so stupid but I laughed anyways: “Who are you?” “I’m the guy telling you that your Shoguns wedding has been cancelled on the account that he’s an asshat.”

One thing this show still kills it at is the funny one-liners. I loved Jax’s, “If I learned one thing from Lost, it’s that you don’t go opening strange hatches.” Wise words, my friend. I also loved the whole ‘a great sensei named Yoda!’ thing.

(Oh yeah, Nate! That’s the historian’s name.)

I really want to know more about this Future Barry thing. I’m very intrigued on where they could go with this, because I don’t know what to expect with this show anymore.

I’m also confused as to why they made a 1940s Justice Society of America member not be American. Like, her backstory is cool and all, but it feels like in 1940s America, the Justice Society of America would be made up of Americans for all the “go patriotism!” that seems to come from that time period. And here we are finding out that she’s from Zambezi… seems anachronistic (as much as something this fictitious can be of course).

So, when the Shogun was super chill towards the lady Ronin I was very confused and ended up spending half an hour reading about female samurai and I didn’t know that women before the Edo period being warriors wasn’t that uncommon, so I fell down a wikipedia rabbit hole. Man I knew things were better for women before the Edo period but I didn’t know HOW much better. If anybody ever wonders why we women of today fear a backslide, look at how different Japanese cultural norms were in the 13th century vs the 17th century.

That said, this WAS in the Edo period, mid 17th century, so he should’ve had an issue with Lady Ronin. BUT at least I got a fun Wikipedia Lesson out of it.

As I said, Mick was the best in this episode, especially with his love for ninjas (“I don’t want to shoot you guys, I love ninjas!”), but MAN Dominic Purcell’s accent slip bad in this episode. He’s always had slips in speaking with an American accent on anything I’ve ever saw him on, but lost it entirely a few times in this episode. Did they not have enough takes to fix that?

Anyways, I enjoyed the episode as long as I shut out that part of my brain that wants to compare it to season 1.

Let’s see what’s next week! Oh jeez, confederate zombies. Yikes. Lord, Jesus, this show is gonna kill me. It’s just too much. So, until next week, you guys help me try to learn to love this show again.

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2’s New Direction

The Justice Society of America

I really ended up liking Legends of Tomorrow on my second watch through, but I have a feeling this season I’m not going to be nearly as invested already. I’ll preface this entire post by saying wow did this get schtick-y. Like, REALLY corny at points.

Tonight’s episode starts with a Historian coming to Oliver Queen because he needs to get to the bottom of the ocean to find the Waverider after a nuclear bomb went off in 1942, pre-Manhattan Project. When they get there, they find Mick Rory on the Waverider and he tells them the story of what all has happened.

I won’t go all through the episode because it was full of really cheesy stuff. I’m just not at all impressed with this first episode at all. Here’s the bullet points version of my take on it:

  • I’m still not over Leonard Snart dying, I’m just saying.
  • Of COURSE Sara almost banged the Queen of France, hahaha
  • Look at these nerds kidnapping Albert Einstein.
  • I wanna see Sara and Ray go at it. Full on bare-knuckle brawling.
  • Did he just ‘flashy thing’ him?
  • Does Mick call him “Pretty”? hahaha
  • Of course Sara got it on with all the ladies in Salem.

And then, another thing I can bullet point: Mick is played up like a total moron this season even though last I remembered he was an actual functioning human being. That said, all of his little one-liners were pretty amusing:

  • “Nazis. I hate Nazis.”
  • “I’d rather die than speak German.”
  • “Never been to a nerd party before.”
  • “I love roasting Nazis”
  • “Fridge still works”

I’m also not entirely sure whether I love that Sara, the bisexual lady, is getting it with tons of chicks, or if that’s playing far too into the ‘slutty bisexual’ stereotype for me. I mean, I like to think of it as sex-positive female character, but I know what most people are gonna read it as, and it’s the ‘slutty bisexual’ stereotype. So I’m iffy on that.

I was really surprised by the fact that Rip seems to not be in the team anymore? I’m going to assume that means that there won’t be much if any more Rip this season, which is sorely disappointing. Arthur Darvill was originally the only reason I started watching this show, honestly. He’s a very good actor and he will be missed, especially with how corny this show seems to be this season.

I mean, the Justice Society of America…REALLY?!

What about you guys? Did you like the Eobard Thawne twist or not? Do you think I’m being too harsh or are you just as unimpressed as I am?