Arrow Delivers A Slam Dunk For The Second Week In A Row


This season I have derided the Berlanti TV shows because for the most part, they have been crappy this season. Since Agents of SHIELD went on break, the lack of good Berlanti TV shows and Supernatural being kinda boring, too, is why I’ve stopped writing posts. I’m just not interested enough to bother writing about it.

Last week’s Arrow was good enough to write about, but I didn’t watch it until Sunday night. This week’s Arrow was even better, so tonight, you get a post about it.

This season on Arrow the story has followed Mayor Queen and his new team, which has as this point fractured quite a bit, and their fight against a new threat in town that is like the anti-Green Arrow, because he’s a villain who styles himself after the Green Arrow. A couple episodes ago, we discovered that mild mannered DA Adrien Chase (played by the dude that was that sweet yet dumb pretty boy cop on Sirens) was this season’s Big Bad.

Last week he had kidnapped Oliver’s not-really-girlfriend, and it was up to the team to save her. In doing so, they not only determined that Adrien Chase was so sick he killed his own wife when they tried to use her as leverage, but that his obsession with Oliver went deeper than anybody ever could have guessed.

This week’s episode was a unique one in that we didn’t see anybody else in the present day until the very end other than Chase, Oliver, and the girl that betrayed Oliver. This was a deeply ‘mental’ episode, not in a ‘wow that’s mental!’ way, but in that it was all in Oliver’s head. All the Flashbacks we get are from Oliver’s POV so it stands to reason that they are all Oliver’s memories. This whole episode was about Adrien Chase trying to make Oliver admit some deep, dark secret that his Russian Backstory has been leading us to all along even though we didn’t know it until now.

I have to give serious props to Josh Segarra as Adrien Chase AKA Prometheus, because he has been a really, genuinely frightening bad guy. Arrow (and the other Berlanti shows) have all suffered greatly this season by crappy bad guys, but now that Prometheus showed his face and we see that what’s under the mask is far more terrifying than the mask itself, he’s sooo delightfully creepy. His performance will raise hairs on the back of your neck and it’s brilliant!

Also, speaking of acting, Stephen Amell often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for Oliver Queen, but tonight’s episode knocked it out of the park. Oliver in the flashbacks, as he slipped into the grip of the monster he was becoming, was absolutely alarming and it was very intriguing to watch him slipping further and further. Anatoly saw what we did, that Oliver was slowly becoming a very frightening individual, and it was fantastically acted. I genuinely started to wonder if Oliver’s big secret was that he was Hannibal Lecter at one point, he was going to Dark Side.

The big reveal, the ‘confession’ that Chase wanted, wasn’t that big of a reveal, but it was still adequately moving and emotional. Getting Oliver to admit that he likes killing was a cruel, horrific thing to do, which is another reason Chase is such a better bad guy than his Prometheus alter ego. There was something very broken about Oliver when he was finally freed, and I genuinely enjoyed that he wasn’t saved, that he just went home a broken man, because it was a traumatic experience unlike most of the other traumatic things he’s suffered before.

The only real negative was, as I said, that his big reveal wasn’t that big of a reveal. One of the reasons I like Oliver Queen is that he kills the bad guys instead of going around his ass to get to his elbow to save the life of someone who is going to murder half the town. Superheroes on TV (and in some movies) have this annoying habit of letting the bad guy live even though he has proven he can’t be held accountable in a court of law without getting off and that he’s gonna just kill tons more people if nobody stops him but “I CANT KILL, DAMN IT!” is their reaction. Oliver had a couple of years of ‘I’m not that person anymore’ that got kind of boring, but generally, Oliver Queen isn’t like that, which is why I like him the most. Because of that, is it really that bad of a thing that he likes killing? Sure it isn’t GOOD. He clearly is very mentally ill to have that desire. But as long as he channels it into killing bad guys, is it really THAT bad? That’s not that horrible of a reveal, honestly.

However, I think the way they showed it, by making it traumatic to him and not to someone else, that made it not as annoyingly anti-climactic. The point in that case isn’t to be a big reveal, but to be an emotionally traumatic moment for Oliver that finally breaks him down.

I’m seriously excited for next week for the first time all season, and I cannot wait to see what happens next after a stellar episode when this whole season before this has been pretty poorly written and boring.

Maybe my favorite Berlanti show is back?

Supernatural Delivers Another Great Episode


Tonight’s episode is probably one that I don’t actually appreciate as much as it deserves, because I’m told the styling of the episode was Tarantino, but as someone who doesn’t really like Tarantino (I know, I know, how dare I? I just don’t!) I guess the Tarantino film this one was styled after wasn’t one I have seen. Either way, I really did like the episode so we’ll just start with admitting I, like Cas, don’t understand that reference.

In tonight’s episode, we had a twisty turny mad dash to an incredible end that involved demons, a Prince of Hell, Crowley, and a big ol’ spear of Michael. To say that this was a fun mix up to the usual format would be putting it simply. I enjoyed the wild, crazy, two steps forward, one step back format of a night in the life of the Winchesters.

The story as we originally are given it: a hunter needs help with a demon and Mary and her boys are there to help. By the end of the episode, we learn the REAL story is that Mary was sent by the British Men of Letters to steal something from a Prince of Hell who didn’t take kindly to being pestered by hunters because he had made a deal with Crowley long ago that nobody would bother him as long as he let Crowley take his place as the King of Hell.

This episode had a ton of throwbacks to old episodes and story lines, and I loved that. I love how this season is giving us a ‘back to their roots’ type of season, and by bringing us back to the Yellow Eyed Demon (then Azazel, now revealed to be the eye color of Princes of Hell). I loved the way that Sam and Mary both reacted to this fact, and it gave us a reminder of where everything started for them: Mary being killed by Azazel.

I really love this aspect of family that they are really hammering home this season being played to the next extent. Tonight, with Castiel dying, we had more of his, “You’re my family, all of you” proclamations, and I particularly had my little heart break when he said, “I love all of you.” It was only reinforced by Mary saying, “I almost lost one of my boys” and meaning Cas! Oh, I nearly died! The fact that Cas is officially one of Mary’s ‘boys’ in her mind just makes me so much more attached to this Winchester family.

But the end just keeps on going back to the past with one of the most surprising reveals: the item Mary stole was the good ol’ Colt 45 that is a throwback to…. a very long time ago. I actually don’t even remember what happened to that gun. It’s been so many seasons ago that I don’t entirely recollect all the details, so after I post this review, I’m going to wikipedia to take a look!

And then, the biggest plot twist, the one that so many of us have wanted but didn’t think was coming: Lucifer is back, and not some shitty knock-off vessel: Mark Pellegrino Lucifer is BACK!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so excited to see where they go from here. Unlike many who have criticized this show for beating a dead horse, I’m still invested. I’m still totally into it. After the end of last season when Mary came back, I was like, “Alright, strap me back in, I’m ready to ride again!” and I’m still enjoying this ride.

What did you guys think? Let me know either here or on twitter!




The Flash Didn’t Suck This Week


As most of you have noticed, I’m not a big fan of this season of The Flash. I didn’t like Season 1 all that much, and then I liked Season 2, but this Season has just been very ‘bleh’ for the most part. There have been a few episodes here and there that really kicked it up into ‘oh hey cool’ territory before now, and tonight’s episode joins them.

Since I’ve got a lot of things to do tonight, we’ll do this list style!


  • I actually enjoyed HR tonight. I usually hate HR, but he was fun tonight!
  • Cisco got to be a fun badass, which is always a good thing.
  • Julian and Caitlyn kinda has me going ‘eehhh’ but I liked Julian’s dynamic with the team tonight. It was more human than he usually is.
  • For once I wasn’t entirely grossed out by Barry and Iris and the whole ‘kissing your sister’ thing. It’s still there, but it was less abrasive for some reason tonight.
  • I actually enjoyed Wally learning from Barry this episode. It was interesting to see Barry trying to be a good teacher.


  • The bad guy was so weak this time. WHY was he there from Flashpoint? Did I miss something or is that just a ‘fuck it, let’s go with this!’ type of thing?
  • I’m getting tired of the repeated, “I’m not gonna die” “I’m gonna save you from dying” thing with Iris. We get it! She’s gonna die but you’re gonna try and stop it from happening! It just feels like a solid 10 minutes every week is devoted to the same conversation over and over.
  • I don’t understand the motivation to tell Joe Iris is gonna die. I get why he was angry and why he wanted to know, but why does she WANT to tell her dad something that will make him absolutely lose it for the next few months solid? Because that’s what he’s going to do now. If there’s no way to stop it, he’s going to have the last few months of his daughters life freaking out over what’s to come. And even if she can be saved, his life is basically RUINED for the next few months. I would NEVER want to put my dad in that situation. No way in hell.

So yeah, as you can see, a lot more pros than cons! I really liked tonight’s episode, and I hope you guys did, too!

I Watched Supernatural While Tipsy


This is HIGHLY unprofessional, but last night I watched Supernatural while tipsy, because I’d drunk a bottle of Sake and decided to watch Supernatural, and I wrote down my ‘viewing notes’ and decided to wait and write the actual review today. HOWEVER, I actually think my notes are so funny that it would be better, for you, the reader, to just read my viewing notes than for me to write an actual review.

So here they are, (Tipsy) Chelsea Loves TV:

  • How do angels always have blades up their sleeve in SPN?
  • Balthazar mention. Awww.
  • Why do I recognize the eye patch lady?
  • Oh she’s the girl from Urban Legend!
  • “An angel’s angel” loool
  • Awwww the Winchesters standing up for Cas. So sweet.
  • Well that was a little gay
  • Who tf is this lady?
  • Whoa castiel the nephilim killer.
  • Whoa her kid wasn’t a nephilim? Balls.
  • Oh heck
  • Awwww Caaaaas

So What did YOU think about the episode? What did you think about (Tipsy) Chelsea Love TV? Let me know here, or you can always find me on Twitter!

Supernatural Somehow Manages To Keep Things Fresh And Interesting!


Supernatural has been around longer than the channel it runs on. I don’t even know what season we’re on now, that’s how long it’s been around.

And yet, apart from a two year slump during seasons 6 and 7, this show has never really stopped being utterly entertaining. This season has been a real winner because Supernatural sort of got into this rhythm of “every year there’s a bigger bad to fight” until they got to the biggest possible bad, no, not the Devil, he was the big bad YEARS ago, but God himself and God’s apocalypse-summoning sister, and then this season, it’s back to a much smaller ‘big picture’. This season it’s back to its roots with the ‘family of hunters hunting things’. The ‘big bad’ this season is a human factor and even they are this mysterious ‘not-quite-sure-they’re-bad’ big bad.

At the mid-season break, Sam and Dean had been black-bagged because Lucifer possessed the President of the United States and they were caught planning to assassinate the president. Obviously, they couldn’t tell people, “Hey, he was possessed by Satan” as a defense. This season starts with them in a black site, locked up in solitary for months while Mary hunts and Castiel tries to hunt but lacks the instincts to do so. In an episode framed by the Questionable British Men, as I’ll call them, telling the story of this rescue attempt, it’s up to Mary and Castiel to try and go on without Sam and Dean, all the while Sam and Dean plan their escape from the black site.

The reason this episode has stuck with this season’s theme of ‘change it up’ is that it felt like an episode of Prison Break or some other ‘running from the law’ type show instead of just another Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean are fugitives running from the soldiers with dogs, Castiel is all alone and listless worrying about them, and Mary is off on her own hunting to ignore the hole her missing children have left in her. On top of Sam and Dean playing US Marshall in the woods, we have this really great theme of The Winchester Family all throughout the episode that is really human and personal.

I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the theme of family is really hit home by Castiel’s actions and the monologue that follows at the end in which he basically tells them, “Stop sacrificing yourselves, Stupids, because you Winchesters are my family, too, and I’m sick of losing you over and over again.” It really wraps up the fact that even though Mary and her boys have a strange relationship now that their mom is back and only about ten years older than them, and even though Castiel isn’t even human, the four of them are The Winchesters together, as one unit, one family. It seems like the theme for the rest of the season will be Winchester Family, and I’m totally okay with that!

What did you guys think? Are you in the ‘beating a dead horse’ category, or are you like me and still find the show to be entertaining and worth watching? Let me know in the comments!

The Flash Returns With A Lackluster Start To The New Year


After the mid-season finale in which Barry saw Savatar kill Iris in the future and they moved in together, tonight’s episode involves a thief, Kid Flash, and HR opening the museum!

I’m gonna do a bullet-point review tonight because A) I’m short on time, and B) I really just didn’t like this episode.

I liked a few things:

  • I love the way the team is handling Caitlyn and her fear of herself. It’s so warm and friendly.
  • I didn’t hate HR as much as usual.
  • Julian is actually not bad now that they all like him. He’s an angsty breath of fresh air to the group.
  • Cisco as adorable as always, which is always a plus!

Otherwise, honestly I’m just not that into this show anymore. All season it’s been going downhill and I hoped a fresh start after winter gap would make it more enjoyable, but it just hasn’t worked. Maybe next week’s encounter with the dimension traveler will change things up some?

Legends of Tomorrow Takes Us To The Roaring Twenties!

So I’ve got to be honest, as down as I’ve been on this show most of the season, tonight we had another episode that I really did enjoy! I don’t even know what made it actually hold my interest when it wasn’t that special of an episode, but I had a great time watching this one!

Tonight, the team goes back to Chicago in the 20s at the height of prohibition and the height of Al Capone’s reign, and boy is that a fun one. I found myself really sad that Snart is dead, because man he’d look sexy as hell in the 20s. (I have a thing for Wentworth Miller, sue me!) The team has to fix the time aberration in which, for some reason, Al Capone didn’t get busted for tax evasion. Along they way, they run into Damien Darhk and Speedster Whose Name I Always Forget. I’m just gonna call him Elon Musk, because it’s something weird like that, and he sorta looks like Elon Musk anyways. So yeah, Damien Dark and Elon Musk are in the 1920s, but SURPRISE, SURPRISE, they’ve got a friend: Malcolm Merlyn! I have so many questions about how Malcolm Merlyn came into this, but we’ll ignore that for now.

(Side note, what is it with comic book based characters and alliteration?)

There really wasn’t a lot of story built here and there wasn’t a ton of great character moments, so I’m going to condense most of the recap here:

  • Sara. Lol. “Alright, Mom.”
  • Chelsea club? A whole club for me? lol
  • Oh look! Snart! He’s dead, still, but awwwwww. My heart.
  • Bonnie and Clyde. I love it!
  • I love Ray and Nate’s bro-ness
  • Awwww Mick and Amaya is so cute.
  • …. What? Rip is a director directing a film about his life? So very confused.

So yeah, I’m left with a lot of questions, such as why, again, is Merlyn with Darhk in the past now? How did he get involved? Did I miss something? And why is Mick hallucinating Snart? Is he going insane? Does he have a brain tumor? Is he smoking the wacky tobacky? Did I say that last part just as an excuse to say wacky tobacky? (Yes, the answer is yes)

Also, once again, WHY IS RIP HUNTER IN THE 1960s DIRECTING A FILM ABOUT HIMSELF? What is this madness? I’m so confused!

However, this episode was just fun. I had fun watching all the fights between mobsters and the team, I had fun watching Nate and Ray be like ten year old siblings, I had fun watching Mick take them all to criminal school, I had fun seeing Sara in that sweet ass flapper dress, and I had fun with the whole idea that Al Capone’s arrest was helped along by time traveling heroes. How awesome is that?!

It wasn’t as moving and emotionally evocative as I want this show to be, but unlike the other episodes that just fell flat, this one at least was fun while it lacked the emotion I wanted. I’m excited to see where the show goes from here, though, because I have faith this show CAN and WILL continue getting better!

What did you guys think? Do you think I’m being harsh? Did you enjoy it this week? Are you excited for more as well? Did you even read this far in the blog post? AM I TALKING TO MYSELF?! (The fact I don’t get likes or comments anymore suggests that yes, I am!) Let me know in the comments!


Arrow Mid-Season Finale Leaves Us Hanging!

I’m gonna preface this with saying that WOW this episode was so freaking dramatic. A little too dramatic, honestly, but man, it wasn’t boring at least!

We start out with Betrayal Betty, aka Evelyn, the one that has joined Prometheus to betray Team Arrow because Oliver used to kill a lot of people, so instead she would like to work with another person who NOW kills lots of people… logical, that.

I really expected more fun when Felicity’s boyfriend and Oliver met, but instead the focus on this holiday party scene was Curtis and his husband! We have what we thought was coming: fireworks over Curtis lying to his husband, Paul, for so long. I never expected for Prometheus to come after Curtis when they got outside, but at least it kept us guessing along the way.

I will say that the story line tonight with Curtis and his husband was soooo over the top dramatic. The whole “Are you cheating on me?” going to “I’m a vigilante!” and the immediately, “It’s me or being a vigilante!” was already moving pretty quick, but then the blase way Curtis responded to that ultimatum by going to the Arrow cave and just being like “Well easy choice, I’m gonna be a vigilante” was kind of annoying. Curtis, you married this person, why are you suddenly super whatever about potentially getting divorced? And then, when he finally goes home at the end, Paul, in like less than 24 hours, has done the turn around into, “I can see you’re happy and I can’t be the one to take that from you, but I also can’t be with you, so bye!” It was so ridiculous that this couple literally went from ‘first sign of problems’ to ‘give up fighting for it and just split up’ within about a day. That was just so soap-opera.

That said, the way that Prometheus played Oliver and made him kill Felicity’s boyfriend actually wasn’t quite as over the top dramatic. It was understated and really sad. Poor Felicity and poor Oliver, but I really enjoyed that the team didn’t blame Oliver for killing Billy. They immediately were like, as Felicity said, “This was Prometheus.” It was refreshing to have people actually point the blame somewhere accurate in these situations. I absolutely love that someone finally didn’t go all soap-opera dramatic.

That ending, though! Sure, it’s not as “OH GOD NO!” as last year’s mid-season finale, but that was mind boggling! We have John in danger and we have Laurel in the Arrow cave!

However, I have a theory about Laurel: That drink he had was drugged. Why might you ask? They made a point of showing her grabbing a bottle of Russian vodka after, earlier in the episode, pointing out that a certain someone had the same training as Oliver did in Russia, therefore, I’m now pretty sure it’s Oliver’s not!Girlfriend.

We’ll see what happens next in January, I guess!!!

Just a few little things that stood out to me that I want to add on:

  • I love how Dig is playing with his kid with a gun on his belt.
  • Does Wild Dog have a kid?
  • “My favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard” me too, Oliver. Me, too.
  • THE RED PEN!!!! ❤


The Flash: Will Barry Screw Things Up Even More?

I think it’s worth confessing that so far this season, none of the Berlanti-verse shows are really blowing my mind. You saw my displeasure with Legends of Tomorrow until it finally had a few episodes be alright, but honestly, other than the fun aliens, that whole crossover thing just cemented that all three of the shows I watch have lacked this year. Arrow is still my favorite show of the three, but even it is just so dull and repetitive this year so far.

And so, I didn’t have high hopes going into tonight’s episode of The Flash because last week with the whole “oooh, ahh, I’m so shocked that Julian is Alchemy” non-reveal was dull and expected and Barry quitting his job was just not a good writing choice, in my opinion. This whole season has just been repetitive, just like Arrow. At this point, at least Legends of Tomorrow isn’t repetitive, it’s just dully written this season.

HOWEVER, shockingly, I really liked tonight’s episode of The Flash. Good job at proving me wrong just when it’s needed most!

It’s crazy late so I’m not going as in depth as I did for my Agents of SHIELD recap earlier, but I’ll hit some highlights!

So tonight we learn more about Julian’s backstory while being super festive! I really thought he was going to end up being evil-evil, not manipulated without his knowledge, so that actually did end up being a surprise and I really liked it. Also, you have to admit, Tom Felton was really good in this episode. His acting was pretty great.

I’m glad they went this direction with Julian and I liked that he joined them all for Christmas at the West house. I like that Barry got his job back, too. Them being friends is so much better than them being enemies. I’m very into this change of pace with Julian.

I also liked Jay in this episode! I like Jay better than his dad, to be honest. I feel like he’s a great mentor for Barry, and I like when he’s there to talk some sense into him. Barry is dumb and dramatic very often and Jay’s a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to sanity and maturity.

HA! Draco Malfoy said “the philosopher’s stone”

I still hate that Dante had to die. Like, what the hell? That was such unnecessary drama. That said, it’s pretty emotional to see Cisco being manipulated the same way Julian was. Poor ol’ Cisco. He just wants his big brother back. So sad.

A few more things:

  • Sabitar is a dope ass bad guy name at least.
  • lol “Jumanji”
  • Oh great, did Barry time travel again? DAMMIT, BARRY!
  • Drunk HR is the best already, but Drunk HR going “POLICE!” when Julian knocked was amazing.
  • “Caroling in the rain, that sucks!” hahaha I really love drunk HR.


Supernatural: For Once The RockStar Is Satanic!


In tonight’s Supernatural, we get back to Lucifer and the main story plot and, what do you know? More Vince Vicente!

To start with, I’ve gotta say, I’m really surprised the satanist teenagers found an actual satanic relic. Looks like it didn’t end well for them, but either way, how amusing is that?

I am really tired tonight (I was sick all day and I still feel pretty terrible) and because of that, I’m gonna go to the old standard lazy review of ‘let’s do bullet points’. Tonight’s things that stand out are:

  • Mary and Dean playing Words With Friends was adorable. Also, I miss Words With Friends. I KILLED at Words With Friends.
  • I love how done with Crowley Castiel is. It’s amusing how much they hate each other even though they work so well together.
  • All the trashing of the West Coast was funny, and I loved it.
  • Sam trying to convince Dean he’s listening to a historical podcast was great. So funny. Such a bad liar.
  • “He’s literally the devil” “My job is turning devils into saints” “No really, Lady, SATAN!” this whole exchange was hilarious.
  • Lucifer’s weird thing about wanting blood was weird. I still don’t really understand what he was going for.
  • At least they saved the people? I dunno, this whole episode was very weird. Still not sure what the point was.

Well that was a fun night!

Next week, we’re back to Lucifer, and he’s going after priests and nuns, apparently. I am intrigued! Who else is excited for next week’s mid-season finale? I am!