Mini-Review(S): A Series of Unfortunate Events Episodes 7&8- “The Miserable Mills Parts 1&2”


Synopsis: Having escaped the clutches of Count Olaf, and in an attempt to discover more about their parents, the Baudelaires have made their way to Lucky Smells Lumber Mill where they meet the owner, Sir, and his partner Charles. After discovering that their parents are rumored to have started the fire that destroyed the town, they get jobs working at the mill to try and figure out what really happened and clear their parents names. The kids soon discover that things aren’t what they seem, and neither is the optometrist in town. When Count Olaf shows up, the kids have to deal with hypnotism, disguises, and severe medical malpractice.


  • RHYS DARBY! I love him! I was so surprised to see him! I’m soooo happy with him as Charles
  • The reveal about Mother and Father was utterly heartbreaking. Oh man.
  • The theme of ‘not everything is black and white’ was really great.
  • It sounds weird to be a ‘pro’, but did anybody else get the vibe Charles and Sir’s relationship is INCREDIBLY unhealthy and Charles sort of has this ‘desperate for attention’ vibe because of that? It was very well done. Poor Charles </3
  • I loved the children more than ever this time. There was this sense of helplessness finally showing through when it has lacked in a lot of episodes so far.
  • Of course, Count Olaf as the secretary was hilarious! I loved it.


  • Lack of henchmen was mostly the biggest con.
  • I felt like the optometrist lady was a little flat

Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 6- “The Wide Window: Part 2”


Synopsis: The Baudelaires try and prove to Mr. Poe that their Aunt Josephine’s suicide note is a forgery in order to keep him from letting Count Olaf, dressed as Captain Sham, adopt them.


  • NPH was really great in this episode, even more so than the previous ones!
  • I bought Violet’s character a lot better this episode. Previously she’s seemed sort of empty but this time she seemed very present.
  • I like the little changes between the books and the show that are far more obvious in this episode.
  • I really am starting to get a feel for the henchmen, especially the one that seems genderless. I really like them!


  • Mr. Poe’s getting sort of old now. It was funny for a while, but now he’s just annoying. (Although, they finally split off from him handing them around to people, so that’s probably a good thing)
  • The CG baby is getting VERY distracting. Idk why its only now really becoming distracting, but it is.


Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 5- “The Wide Window Part 1”


Synopsis: After the tragic end of Uncle Montey, the Baudelaires are sent to live with their Aunt Josephine, the somewhat neurotic loner living along the shores of Lake Lachrymose.


  • “Land ho!” “I told you to stop calling me that”
  • “Plenty of boys enjoy playing with dolls” I love this!


  • I find watching 3 episodes in a row that it starts to drag a little. I think maybe that this show isn’t really made for bingeing, perhaps. I’m going to finish this episode tomorrow and from there on out finish the series per ‘book’ (each 2-parter coincides with one book, if you didn’t read them).


Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 4- “The Reptile Room: Part 2”


Synopsis: The morning dawns on the day that Uncle Montey is supposed to take the kids to Peru to run into their parents to the cold despair of finding Uncle Montey has been murdered, no doubt by Stefano, Count Olaf in disguise. The Children must expose Stefano for who he really is before he can kidnap them once more.


  • The van saying “Corner” instead of “Coroner”
  • “Please, Child, if I was standing closer to you, I would slap you in the throat”
  • “Don’t touch her, grab it, move closer, RUN AWAY!” Oh god Mr. Poe is so funny!
  • “The Virginian Wolf Snake will bludgeon you to death with a typewriter”
  • The Statue Lady!  I love that.


  • I effing hate snakes. This whole episode made me shudder.

Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 3- “The Reptile Room: Part 1”


Synopsis: Safe from Count Olaf, the Baudelaires head to the home of Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, well known herpetologist and a friend of their parents, a kind man who is eager to take care of children and protect them from Count Olaf’s schemes.


  • I adore Aasif Mandvi as Dr. Montgomery Montgomery. He’s so perfect for that role!
  • I really enjoyed Count Olaf in this one. NPH nailed Count Olaf in disguise.
  • I loved the fourth wall break from Olaf. Very amusing.


  • I actually don’t think the children were involved enough in this one, but that’s my only con, really.

Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 2-“The Bad Beginning: Part 2”


Synopsis: The Baudelaire children try to escape Count Olaf before he can force Violet to marry him and gain access to the children’s fortune.


  • I really loved Sunny in this one. I loved the whole ‘playing poker with the henchman’ thing.
  • I enjoyed the way Justice Strauss is depicted in this one. She’s very likeable. I’m gonna miss Joan Cusack in this series.
  • Very random thing, but I loved the wedding dress Olaf gave Violet. It was so pretty!


  • Same as the first, I felt like these two episodes could’ve easily been put into one, and because of that, it just felt a bit slow.

Mini-Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 1- “The Bad Beginning: Part 1”

Since this is a very bingeable series and I’ll inevitably give a full season review when I finish, but for each episode, let’s do a mini review!


Episode 1- “The Bad Beginning: Part 1”

Synopsis: After the Baudelaire children are left orphaned by a terrible fire, their lives encounter a series of unfortunate events (badum tsss) involving Count Olaf, a terrible, cruel man who is after their fortune.


  • As someone who loved the book series as a child, I can’t imagine a more perfect set of children or a more perfect Count Olaf!
  • Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong, which makes him just right for one of the most challenging roles I can imagine
  • I love the tone of this iteration, because it has this very Pushing Daisies vibe, only the anti-Pushing Daisies vibe, where instead of cartoonishly beautiful and wonderful, it’s cartoonishly horrible and tragic. (For a film person not familiar with Pushing Daisies, think the vibe of Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson)
  • I didn’t know Joan Cusack was in it and I LOVE HER so I was so excited to find her as Justice Strauss!


  • It’s a little slow. I feel like episode 1 and 2 could’ve been condensed into a single episode.