Love Sick, Season 2


So the other day I gave a brief intro and review of Season 1 of this Thai series called Love Sick. I now have seen all of season 2, and let me tell you….

This show was ABOVE AND BEYOND amazing! Oh my Gosh, you guys, this show is just quality TV. The main reason I watched this was it was a recommended gay romance series, and I have such low expectations for those that this one just blew my mind. The main reason it’s so good is because it’s not just about the main couple. There are so many other side plots and branches off of main stories and things of that nature that you cannot escape getting sucked into all the different characters lives. 1435241382

In season 2, there’s more focus on the girls at the convent and in particular, Jeed, Grace, Nan, and all of the drama revolving around those girls. Jeed in particular is a character you often hate but then find sympathy for (up until the ending where she does something TRULY WTF and the show just like lets her get away with it? Idk. That was a serious wtf for this show). Also, there’s a lot of drama about Aim in the earlier half of the series that makes you both hate her and feel sad for her. This show is just so good at making you look at these characters as if they are real people.

This also extends to some of the boys who get more focus in season 2. Season 1 had introduced most of the boys that didn’t get as much attention, but season 2 really gets in on d7837c53c43c1b93e4dffdff6fe88b30-lovesick-seriesPer and Mick and Pete and how they are linked to the rest of the main boys. I would say that Per is very much a Jeed of the boys group because this season reveals his best friend/next door neighbor, Win (who looks SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE figure skater Shoma Uno or more closely Shoma Uno’s little brother Itsuki, who looks like Shoma with smaller eyes, which is exactly what Win looks like), is gay. There is a whole lot of drama with Per and Win and Win’s boyfriend Mark. You go from thinking Per’s an amazing friend to thinking maybe Per and Win will get together to hating Per’s guts for something he does to rooting for him again for figure out he was an asshole before. Again, these kids are just so realistic and believable that you can’t help but see them as people, not just characters.

Also, Pang is still the sweetest baby sister. She’s so cute and she loves her big brother so much that you feel happy that Phun has someone like her always on his side. She actually reminds me a lot of my baby sister, Dallas.vlcsnap-3489022

But since the main focus of Love Sick is the romance between Phun and Noh, one of the main reasons this series is so amazing is because – SPOILER ALERT – they get a happy ending! There are bumps along the way, sure, but at its heart, the relationship between Phun and Noh is something so beautiful and so pure. It’s an amazing depiction of teenagers discovering who they are and being afraid of learning they’re queer but so adorably in love with each other that they can’t ignore it. The acting alone between Phun and Noh is worth watching just because when Phun looks at Noh, it’s got that “I love this human” quality that really takes skill for young actors to fully convey.


There are only two season of this show, but it has a real ending, not some thrown together mess, and I cannot stress enough how high-quality of a TV series this is. There are flaws, sure, but overall if you make it past the first few episodes, this series will suck you in, get you invested, and make you fall in love with all these kids and the friendships and relationships they have, gay or straight.

Watch Love, Sick. You won’t regret it.


Love Sick (2014), Season One

Friends, while we all know my love for Thai movies (see: Bad Genius being one of the best movies of 2017) and especially Thai LGBT movies (Ever seen Love, Love Me??? SO GOOD!) but I’ve never actually watch a Thai drama before I fell down a hole of link-clicking and stumbled upon something absolutely magical:


Love Sick

Love Sick is a Thai teen drama that centers around a group of kids who all know each other through various connections and the events and relationships in their lives. The series focuses mainly on Noh and Phun, two boys who go to the school the boys in this series go to. What starts with Phun needing a fake-boyfriend ends up being a series full of drama, twists and turns, and a dozen different story-lines going on between the various kids involved.

Season 1 is what I recently binged in every spare moment I had over the past week. Lunch break from work? Get in an episode! Doing cardio at the gym? EPISODE! Season 1 is 12 episodes long (with a season 2 that I think I read is 36) all of them approx 40 minutes run-time. Since I binged season 1, I’m going to do basically a list of the important people then a review of the season.

Here are the cast of main characters:

Noh: The most central character of all, Noh attends the boys school that most of the teen boys in this series attend. He’s the president of the music club at school and the whole series begins with him needing more funding for their club.

Phun: His father wants him to date a family friend’s daughter and he needs his little sister’s help to get out of it. The catch is that his sister is obsessed with BL (boys love) and he thinks she will only help if he has a boyfriend instead of his actual girlfriend. He offers to get Noh more funding if he pretends to be his boyfriend in front of his sister.

Pang: Phun’s baby sister who, with all her other 14 year old friends, ship all the hot and popular boys they know.

Aim: Phun’s girlfriend who attends school with Noh’s best friend/sort-of girlfriend.

Yuri (also called Yu often): Noh’s best friend who decides to start telling people they’re a couple and he just goes along with it, even though he has no feelings for her.

Jeed: A new girl at the girls school who is poor and therefore not very popular.

Khom: A boy who likes Jeed and becomes her boyfriend even though he’s also poor and pretending not to be.

Grace: A mean girl who tries to set the other girls against Jeed.

Mo: A girl attending the girls school who lives with her boyfriend, Moan, who is a cheating asshat.

The Angels: Hyper-femme gay boys at the boys school who are supported by many but bullied by a few.

(Obviously, there are a lot more characters, many of whom are important, but these are the most central ones for season 1)


To be honest, the first episode is a hot mess. I almost didn’t continue the series after this. I see what they were trying to do now that I’ve seen the whole season, and that is introduce all the main characters. They try to start it out with everybody important on the screen for Aim’s birthday party, but the real take-away from this episode is, “Why does it feel like I’ve missed a lot???” You have fights and friendships and conversations that make no sense without context. If the synopsis didn’t include the talk about two teen boys who fake-date then fall in love, I would have had on clue who was supposed to be in my focus. If anything, Jeed seems like the main character in this episode. If you can muscle through this beginning, however, you start to get into the real story: The music club needs more funding and when Noh goes to the student council, he runs into Phun who offers him an opportunity. DUM DUM DUUUUM! It’s not the best beginning, and it took me a while to warm up to Noh, but it gets better after episode 1.

What we end up with through the series is a set of storylines that interweave that we follow along with. There’s the drama with Mo and Moan, but also with the introduction of Golf, a family friend of Mo’s that there is some tension with that never fully get explored in season 1. There’s Jeed and Khom and all the other girls around Jeed, including Mo. There’s Yuri, who is classmates with Jeed and Mo and Grace and all those girls, but is also Noh’s not-really-girlfriend. She calls herself that, and he agrees with her, but their dates are largely one-sided. Then there’s Phun and Aim and their relationship, there’s the music club, there’s Earn who is in the music club and has feelings for Noh so he’s jealous of Phun and Phun is jealous of him. Then beyond relationship drama, there’s the Angels and the struggle between those who bully them and those who support them.


And while this sounds like your typical teen soap opera, it’s actually really full of moving story lines, very realistic issues, and some pretty great acting. The girl who plays Jeed is really good. Jeed isn’t the most likeable character, but you still feel like she’s REAL the whole time. Noh is harder to get into, honestly, than Jeed is. Noh isn’t poorly acted, and the character isn’t flat, but there’s just this thing Noh has where the actor plays him as not one to put his emotions out there. You have one scene in particular that’s so gut-wrenching because Phun wears his heart on his sleeve, and when he’s upset you see it straight away, but Noh seems to be fully cool and collected until suddenly he’s crying and you’re reminded, ‘oh yeah, Noh feels just as confused and conflicted as Phun does’. It is effective and unique of a performance, but it’s harder to connect to.

I love that this series doesn’t shy away from things. It is a more realistic depiction of teens in girls schools and boys schools and the way that girls aren’t so very different from boys and vice versa. There’s a lot of emphasis on the individuality of the characters. Even in the ‘mean girls’ group, the different girls aren’t just mirrors of one another, but seem like real-life girls. The Angels group are particularly great for this because you have a couple of sets of really femme boys set alongside a good handful of other boys who are also obviously queer but not stereotypical femme like the Angels. And the Angels aren’t the butts of every joke, either. Most of the students at the school accept them as just another clique and even defend them against the guy who doesn’t want to rock the boat with the teachers and parents.

What I love most of all, however, is Phun and Noh’s relationship and how it develops over season 1. It goes from not-even-friends to friends to something more, and though they come to an understanding (I won’t spoiler it, but let’s say it’s very mature but kinda questionable how they choose to handle their feelings), they’re never shown having a gay panic over one another. They don’t let their friends know they feel that way about each other, but it’s not because of that. Their relationship drama is based on girlfriends already in their lives, not the fact they’ve never been gay before. HOWEVER, that isn’t glossed over. I love that there is a depiction of fear of homophobia (and real homophobia for other characters), but these kids are mature enough to have more serious issues to face than just ‘I’m gay, oh god’. It’s very developed and nuanced of a relationship.

Honestly, I would say this is like the Thai Degrassi except I never liked Degrassi. The feeling is the same, but it’s just far more enjoyable of a series. Also way less depressing. I cannot WAIT to get into season 2, and I really hope someone checks this one out after reading this post!


So let me know what you guys think. Do you know this series? Do you like it? Have you heard of it but not seen it? If you have seen it, do you agree with my points on season 1? As always, you can hit me up here or over at Twitter. Feel free to come chat Love Sick with me any time!

Fortitude: Season 1


I recently (and by ‘recently’ I mean within the past 2 days) rewatched all of season 1 of Fortitude so that I can watch the rest (?) on Amazon and I have to give a little mini-review of season 1 for the uninitiated before I start working on season 2!

Season 1 of Fortitude is a very strange beast. Shown on a channel that no longer exists and based around basically ‘global warming will kill us all’ as a general idea, Fortitude tells the story of a mining colony (territory?) in the Arctic that I assume exists on Svalbard? Never quite sure. But anyways, that’s unimportant, it’s an ice town of 700ish people in the Arctic Ocean and, one horrible day, a horrible thing takes place: the town’s first ever murder.

I won’t try to explain the plot of Fortitude season 1, because it’s crazy, but I will say it involves global warming melting the glacier and exposing stuff that has caused some weird environmental issues with the animals in the area, such as reindeer having miscarriages en masse and polar bears turning cannibal, and the man researching this phenomenon gets hacked apart in his house by an unknown assailant.

It ends up being WAAAAAYYYY weirder and more ‘oh fuck’ than just reindeer miscarriages and polar bear cannibalism.

Fortitude is a show that’s pretty boring right up until it’s really not. There’s a fair amount of this show that, for a few episodes, is just a bunch of people living in a frozen hellscape and acting out because of it. There are 700 people in this town and yet somehow everybody’s able to fuck around on their spouses and nobody ever gets caught or found out through the gossip mill. There might not be any crime, but there’s a hell of a lot of banging folks you shouldn’t be banging, that’s for sure. For a while, that’s about all the excitement there is. Even when Mr. Dude gets murdered, you don’t really get anywhere in the investigation for quite a while. Because of that, it’s pretty difficult to stick with it until it gets good, but once it gets good, it gets good!

The characters are all pretty easy to follow, which is different for me, because often shows with a wide variety of characters we go between means I can’t remember who is who. However, with Fortitude I never have that problem. It does a great job making the characters very individual and all important enough for you to remember them. Some shows don’t even do that with their main characters. It’s a good show if you like suspense, science fiction, and great character work. The acting is all pretty great, too.

And if you’re like me and loooove the cold, bleak, snowy setting for dramas, you’re gonna be sooo happy with how intensely atmospheric this one is.

I’m going to begin my season 2 reviews hopefully on a per-episode basis, so you have that to look forward to! I’m trying my best to put more content on this site since I’ve really neglected it, so stay tuned and let’s see what happens!


Halt and Catch Fire finale: Setting the Scene for the Fourth and Final Season

One day after the amazing news that Halt and Catch Fire was renewed for a fourth and final season, we had tonight’s phenomenal 2-episode season finale!


The episode starts with the news that A) Donna and Gordon divorced, and B) it’s been 4 years and it’s now 1990. Time has changed a lot, it seems! One thing that is immediately made clear is that everyone’s lives are very different. Donna is now a partner at her firm, Gordon is now seemingly just a typical single guy with nothing but time on his hands, Cameron has had success with her video game while living in Tokyo with Tom, and Joe seems to be doing well in the stock market.

Everything comes to the turbulent start of a last hurrah for our original four at Comdex. I love the allusion to the past. Season 1 Comdex was the start of the split, this time it’s the start of the re-convergence. Donna asks Joe to go and deliver a message to Cameron and ends up going herself as well, which turns out to be good, since Joe gives Cameron a little something else besides a memo, if you know what I mean *wiggly eyebrows*

(Side note: FOUR YEARS without burritos? Oh God, that poor woman!)

Joe’s appearance is made obvious by the fact that Cameron has to look straight up form her table to see look his tall ass in the face, and oh, how weird that has to be. Seeing Joe after so halt-and-catch-fire-episode-309-joe-pace-3-935long. Joe and Cameron hanging out at Comdex was such a blast from the past. The crazy printer brothers, the parties, all these throwbacks to season 1, it was just great. We also get a look at how Joe still hasn’t ever really recovered well after Ryan’s suicide. He’s a mess and it’s pretty sad. Because Joe MacMillan is not being Joe MacMillan these days. Donna’s arrival not being met well is not a shock, and neither is the fact that, after running into Donna and having a bad reaction, Cameron ends up sleeping with Joe. Of course they slept together.

As I said on twitter:

And of course, when Joe picks up the memo off his fax machine after returning home, we see what this is all about: the birth of the World Wide Web. I’m crazy excited for that final season now!

When we got into the second episode of the finale, it went from ‘catching up with the team’ to actually getting into the set-up for next season! I love how Donna gets the original three (and Tom) together at the Mutiny office to start pitching ideas and brainstorming, because there’s something very natural about the idea of paring it down to the essential charactershalt-and-catch-fire-episode-310-donna-bische-935 for this final journey. It’s really great to see everybody working together, no matter how reluctantly that may be.

Tom being suspicious and sort of a dick is expected. His jab at Joe about, “I don’t want to see Cameron end up like Ryan.” was sooo cold! Joe’s reply about, “Good thing wives don’t get a vote” was equally harsh but not nearly as bad. The ensuing fight was totally warranted, in my opinion.

I find all of this ‘birth of the internet’ stuff so interesting, because we’re getting into stuff I know something about. Hearing about HTML and HTTP in its infancy is always fun. Also, it’s really funny that I realized this is set around Christmas of 1990, meaning a few weeks before I was born (January 9, 1991- yeah, I’m probably younger than some of you assumed, lol). About this time in the story, my extremely pregnant mother was off peeing herself at the movies because she was dumb enough to go watch Home Alone while pregnant (true story, she laughed until she peed, lol)

And of course, we all saw Donna and Cameron’s talk not working out. Everybody saw it screenhunter_576-oct-11-23-59coming that Cameron would pull away from Donna, but I doubt anybody saw it coming that Donna would actually go there after their fight (both literally and figuratively, because ‘she went there!’ actually means ‘flying to Switzerland’ int his case). I’m eager to see where Donna lets her betrayal take her.

Also, I loved how, at the end, Joe finally says what we’ve all known for three seasons now but in the most casual way ever. Gordon is like, “Where’s Cameron?” and Joe’s just like, “I’m in love with her,” and then they both go on with their lives. Now we’re here! Back with the original three! Ready for their final big idea, working together again, for Season 4 to give us a final chapter of the lives of Gordon Clarke, Joe MacMillan, and Cameron Howe (or Rendon, whatever)!


What are you guys looking most forward to next season? What do you think will go down with Donna and CERN? How do you think this will all end for our fateful trio? How long do you think we’ll have to wait for our final season?

For those of you who only read the Halt and Catch Fire posts, I’ll see you next season! And thank you for all the hits and all the likes.