About me!

Brought to you by the same person who runs Chelsea Loves Movies, you have Chelsea Loves TV!

Just like that blog, this is just one girl’s take on television that I watch.

Things you will find here:

  • – My opinion-based reviews on this week’s TV show episodes
  • – Occasional reviews of TV shows that are no longer airing in their entirety after I binge watch them.
  • – Excessive use of ‘AHHHHHH!’ on extremely good episodes/TV shows.

I don’t watch a lot of super popular TV shows so I will not be posting about some of the most highly anticipated episodes of the week (sorry Game of Thrones fans, but I don’t watch it). And, while I am American, there will be the occasional British TV show thrown in their as it airs across the pond, so everything will be under a spoiler cut when it comes to TV shows that haven’t aired in America yet.

Hopefully you guys will have as much fun as I will!