A Look Into Me: The TV Lover

I have asked for TV shows to watch and have had several recommendations, but among them were Game of Thrones and for some reason, The Last Kingdom.

I assume this is because I have a history of love for historical series, which isn’t wrong. I love historical fiction. Let me tell you why I have tried and DO NOT watch both of these:


I don’t read or watch anything with rape in it other than a single instance in which revenge is sought upon it. AKA Black Sails. ONCE there is a rape scene in Black Sails and shortly thereafter, because a prostitute is being raped, a lady pirate bands together with others and they MURDER all the rapists.

The only rape scene I’ve stomached since this is the one in the movie Wind River and after that, I fast-forward through it on re watch. There is no reason for rape in anything 90% of the time because there are 90 zillion other ways to progress a plot. Wind River is a special case, it’s about a known issue in America, the rape and murder rates of Native Americans. But IN GENERAL, you can have a female character progress WITHOUT her being fucking raped and I’m SICK of disgusting rape fantasy dick holes pretending that in the past, women were more raped than they are today like we don’t get raped at an ALARMING RATE these days, too!

Either way. If you can have dragons you can have zero rape. Just saying. Have your dragons murder would-be rapists. Until then, fuck you and the dragon you rode in on.

I’ll stick to TV shows with no rape.


Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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