The Flash Returns With A Lackluster Start To The New Year


After the mid-season finale in which Barry saw Savatar kill Iris in the future and they moved in together, tonight’s episode involves a thief, Kid Flash, and HR opening the museum!

I’m gonna do a bullet-point review tonight because A) I’m short on time, and B) I really just didn’t like this episode.

I liked a few things:

  • I love the way the team is handling Caitlyn and her fear of herself. It’s so warm and friendly.
  • I didn’t hate HR as much as usual.
  • Julian is actually not bad now that they all like him. He’s an angsty breath of fresh air to the group.
  • Cisco as adorable as always, which is always a plus!

Otherwise, honestly I’m just not that into this show anymore. All season it’s been going downhill and I hoped a fresh start after winter gap would make it more enjoyable, but it just hasn’t worked. Maybe next week’s encounter with the dimension traveler will change things up some?


Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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