The Flash: Will Barry Screw Things Up Even More?

I think it’s worth confessing that so far this season, none of the Berlanti-verse shows are really blowing my mind. You saw my displeasure with Legends of Tomorrow until it finally had a few episodes be alright, but honestly, other than the fun aliens, that whole crossover thing just cemented that all three of the shows I watch have lacked this year. Arrow is still my favorite show of the three, but even it is just so dull and repetitive this year so far.

And so, I didn’t have high hopes going into tonight’s episode of The Flash because last week with the whole “oooh, ahh, I’m so shocked that Julian is Alchemy” non-reveal was dull and expected and Barry quitting his job was just not a good writing choice, in my opinion. This whole season has just been repetitive, just like Arrow. At this point, at least Legends of Tomorrow isn’t repetitive, it’s just dully written this season.

HOWEVER, shockingly, I really liked tonight’s episode of The Flash. Good job at proving me wrong just when it’s needed most!

It’s crazy late so I’m not going as in depth as I did for my Agents of SHIELD recap earlier, but I’ll hit some highlights!

So tonight we learn more about Julian’s backstory while being super festive! I really thought he was going to end up being evil-evil, not manipulated without his knowledge, so that actually did end up being a surprise and I really liked it. Also, you have to admit, Tom Felton was really good in this episode. His acting was pretty great.

I’m glad they went this direction with Julian and I liked that he joined them all for Christmas at the West house. I like that Barry got his job back, too. Them being friends is so much better than them being enemies. I’m very into this change of pace with Julian.

I also liked Jay in this episode! I like Jay better than his dad, to be honest. I feel like he’s a great mentor for Barry, and I like when he’s there to talk some sense into him. Barry is dumb and dramatic very often and Jay’s a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to sanity and maturity.

HA! Draco Malfoy said “the philosopher’s stone”

I still hate that Dante had to die. Like, what the hell? That was such unnecessary drama. That said, it’s pretty emotional to see Cisco being manipulated the same way Julian was. Poor ol’ Cisco. He just wants his big brother back. So sad.

A few more things:

  • Sabitar is a dope ass bad guy name at least.
  • lol “Jumanji”
  • Oh great, did Barry time travel again? DAMMIT, BARRY!
  • Drunk HR is the best already, but Drunk HR going “POLICE!” when Julian knocked was amazing.
  • “Caroling in the rain, that sucks!” hahaha I really love drunk HR.



Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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