Mirror, Mirror On The Wall- Or On Tonight’s Episode of The Flash


I’m sure tonight’s episode had a lot of stuff I missed, but I kept getting drawn into twitter conversations where people tried to convince me Barry making out with his sister ISN’T super gross and cringe-worthy. So sorry!

So we’ll do this the easy way!

What I Liked:

  • A few precious moments of Leonard Snart at the beginning! I miss Wentworth Miller bring that very complex and wonderful character to life, so even a few minutes of flashback-Snart was better than his current dead-ness
  • Jealous Harry! I love it! I really love Earth-2 Harrison Wells because he’s so fun, and it’s always amazing to see Tom Cavenaugh’s talents at making this guy 100% different from the first one. Very talented.
  • We finally got to see Caitlin use her powers! Killer Frost lives!!!
  • Jessie Quick training is pretty cool. She’s a fun one, that’s for sure.
  • Wally and Jessie being adorable little guys. So cute together!
  • “This is Cisco Ramon, he can do anything.” and “There’s only one Harry.” I just love Cisco and Harry’s friendship. It’s so cute.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Top is pretty boring. Her powers are just dull. Nothing wrong with her other than that, though.
  • Mirror Master should’ve been a bigger bad than he is. His ability is SO INTENSELY COOL and it was just over with far too quickly for my tastes.
  • Harrison Wells 3.0 is creepy, but I think that’s probably on purpose, so we’ll wait and see on that one.
  • The big one, Barry and Iris. It’s just gross. I’m sorry, it was always a little skeevy to me, but now it’s ACTUALLY A THING so it’s reaaaallyyyy creepy. Like, they’ve always clearly had this in mind, it’s always been set up as Barry and Iris being end-game, but GOD it’s just so gross and incesty. Barry and Iris grew up sharing a parent. Barry has constantly called Joe his ‘Dad’ over and over. They have the same dad. It doesn’t matter if they’re not related by blood, it’s Barry kissing his sister. It’s gross. It just is.

Also, I really hate how people on twitter jumped down my throat when I said something about how skeevy it is. Someone actually said “They’re FOSTER siblings” as if THAT actually somehow makes it better. The idea that foster/adoptive siblings aren’t as much siblings as blood siblings is one of my least favorite things about human beings. I just REALLY wish they hadn’t set Barry’s eventual love interest up as his foster sister. They had no reason to do that.

My mom has always said, “I like The Flash except for Barry being in love with his sister” so I can only imagine what my mom thinks NOW.

In the words of my dear friend who HAS an adopted sibling and knows quite personally WHY this is so gross to me:

What did you guys think? Did I miss anything important while I was fielding angry tweets for calling foster-sibling-incest gross? Tell me what you guys look forward to next week!


Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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