I Watched The Flash Again

I’m gonna do this like the last one, because it’s 3am and I don’t REALLY care about The Flash as much as I do the other shows I spent my time on tonight. Sorry if you’re a massive fan and this is a disappointment. Maybe next week I’ll have time to try harder since I’ll only have one show other than this to do Tuesday night.

  • Wooo! Barry effed up.
  • Felicity on The Flash! YAY!
  • oh no, cisco is a sad guy??? I don’t like it!
  • “I hate it when that happens” lmao!
  • Oh look! Draco Malfoy!
  • “You’re like pudding, everybody likes pudding”
  • Oh no, he erased Baby Sara??? Does that mean that now on Arrow Dig has to have a son since it’s all in the same universe? Laaame.
  • Wow, Barry REALLY messed up, huh?
  • I don’t like this version of Cisco. FIX IT! CISCO IS A WITTLE BABY SUNSHINE PLEASE FIX HIM!
  • I love how Barry is like “Uh… wtf is this dude?”
  • Ooooohhh Cisco has Quake-Gauntlets, but the DC version. I like it.
  • Dramatically appropriately placed streetlight right where their lips meet. Totally not cliche. At all.
  • Does nobody else find WestAllen sorta creepy? That’s your dad’s daughter, you should be like brother and sister, ya nasty shits.

Tune in next week for… hopefully not another bullet list. Sorry?



Author: J. Chelsea Williford

Movie addict, reader, writer, pop culture lover.

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